Iran visa for Chinese

Iran visa for Chinese

 ?Perhaps you ask : How to get an Iranian visa

Obtaining an iran visa for the Chinese may be very important

.Due to the very good relations between China and Iran, many people want to get an Iranian visa

.Imports and exports of goods between the two countries have increased investment attractiveness

.One of the best ways to obtain residency in Iran is registeration a company in Iran

.After registering the company, you must get an economic code to pay taxes

.After registering the company, you will be given a business card for import or export

.Foreigners with 100% foreign ownership can register a company in Iran

.So one of our attractive suggestions for obtaining an Iranian visa is to register a company in Iran

.Dadmehr Law Firm will obtain Chinese visas such as work visas – investment visas as soon as possible

.Dadmehr Law Firm will do all this for you with its legal team

.For more information, please contact WhatsApp at 09127698056 or our head office phones


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